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This No. 1 Amazon New Releases Bestselling Book is Changing the Way Business Owners Communicate With Their Customers!

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Stormie is a master of buyer personas. He totally ‘gets’ how businesses need to be speaking to customers!


Matt Seltzer, S2 Research

Stormie has been helping businesses define their personas for decades. It’s not just academic information either, Stormie has put this information into practice on thousands of projects working with hundreds of customers worldwide.


Dan Tyre, HubSpot

A fantastic book for those that are starting a business and/or actually want to identify who their customer really is. Do you know? You may think you know but Stormie’s book takes you on a journey to really dig deeper and delve into that buyer’s persona and not just make them a customer, but a customer for life! One that you can count on for repeat business or at a minimum, be an advocate for your business.


Veronica Pike , Lennar Homes

“Possibly the Most Important Book Ever Written on the Topic of Buyer Personas for Business.”

Hi there, I’m Stormie!

Everywhere I go, it seems like there are just two types of businesses – those who can’t seem to find enough customers, and those who have so many customers they have to beat them off with a stick!

If you’ve ever wondered what those top businesses know that you don’t, I’ll let you in on the secret: the most successful businesses know that when it comes to their customers, it’s not about who they are but how they think that matters.

I started my Internet marketing company in 2010 and realized right away I needed to have a plan that could help me think through who my customers were if I was ever going to reach them. What were they worried about? What mattered to them? We took these answers and built out a marketing plan that spoke to their pain-points, and immediately we were a hit!

This was the start of The World’s Best Buyer Persona®

I realized right away I could help more businesses by helping them better understand their own customers the same way, by helping them create better buyer personas.

Every day, we worked with businesses just like yours to break down the real pain-points behind each and every one of their customers. And then we built outstanding marketing programs to reach those people!

Finally, we formalized the plan with a foundation backed by everything from advanced marketing principles to the most sophisticated psychological frameworks available. And we released it into the world for everyone to use.

That’s when everything changed.

The feedback from The World’s Best Buyer Persona was unreal. Businesses made money, struggling shops turned everything around, and some of our own clients were so successful they actually had to put their marketing on pause until they could catch up with demand. Now that’s cool!

The World’s Best Buyer Persona has worked for countless businesses across the planet…

More businesses have seen the light and are now generating more revenue using the World’s Best Buyer Persona system. And now you can join them!

We put everything in The World’s Best Buyer Persona System into an easy-to-use book to help jump-start your business into action today. Simply read the book, follow along with the exercises, and by the end, you’ll have the most in-depth buyer persona available, along with a cutting-edge marketing plan to
reach them!

Every business needs to understand its customers if they’re going to survive and thrive – especially now!

What your business needs is a system to help understand those customers, and build a marketing strategy that works too.

This is why you absolutely can’t miss reading The World’s Best Buyer Persona System to help you reach your target customers NOW.

But before we get started, let me share a few more stories about Buyer Personas in action…

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Countless Dollars Have Been Generated by Businesses Using the World’s Best Buyer Persona System

My system has helped countless businesses generate significantly more revenue since implementing this system.

And we’ve helped businesses in nearly every industry you can think of:

  • Manufacturing
  • Customer goods
  • Consulting
  • B2B
  • and so many more!…

It’s simple – great buyer personas work for every business!

You can start using this same proven system to improve your marketing now, and start improving your business today NO MATTER THE INDUSTRY!

Remember, this isn’t just another feel-good book that skips out on giving you real results. This is a proven plan to help you understand your customers better, and create better marketing programs too.

My entire career, I’ve had to embrace the importance of understanding your target buyer. Not just who they are, but what they’re thinking too. It’s been the bedrock for my success, and it’s going to be the foundation for yours too.

Who needs to read The World’s Best Buyer Persona System?

  • You’re an organization struggling to find customers post COVID, and to get customers coming back.
  • You’re a business owner struggling to grow revenue and to get a boost to the bottom line.
  • You’re a restaurant owner looking to figure out how to get new customers to try your amazing food – and yes, a lot of them are coming from Google! This will make that work better too!
  • You’re a consultant, looking to find more qualified business leads, each with long term value.
  • You own a website that makes you money, and just need more traffic from people who want to buy from you.
  • You want to launch a new product, and need a qualified sales and leads list before you go to market.
  • You’re a retail store trying to figure out how to compete with Amazon. Yes, there’s a way, and it’s really cool too!
  • You’re a nonprofit business trying to make a difference, and need to find more people who want to help you fund your programs through donations.
  • You’re selling something you love, and just need to share your message with the right people for your products!
  • You have an idea, product, service or passion, and now you need to make it profitable.
  • If any of these sound like you, then you need to put The World’s Best Buyer Persona System into action for your business.

I’ve detailed the entire process used to create The World’s Best Buyer Persona for any business in my brand new book, ‘The World’s Best Buyer Persona System’.

In its first week on Amazon, it became the No. 1 on the Amazon New Releases Best Sellers list. Join the numerous organizations that are now excited about their business’s results!

That said, I totally understand that you’re probably a little skeptical that this might not work for you. Heck, you might already be questioning everything I’ve already said.

I know I can’t expect you to just take my word for it, but I really do want to help. That’s why I’ve included the words from other business owners just like you for you to check out below!

Discover How Countless Businesses Just Like Yours Are Connecting With Their Customers Like Never Before!

Look, I know you’re busy, which is why the book is written the way it is. It’s quick, it’s easy to use, and by the time you’re done with it, you’ll actually have a buyer persona and a ready-to-go marketing plan in your hand!

But the best part? The System actually helps you find customers who want to keep coming back to your business. Not only that, but they’ll also leave you reviews, and even tell their friends and colleagues about your business too.

Yes, this is all possible, and yes, the answers to ‘how’ are in this book. At my inbound marketing agency, we use this system every day to help achieve real results for our clients. Now, I want you to be able to use these processes too.

It’s a proven system that works, and will work for your business!

Using The World’s Best Buyer Persona System, ANYONE can write truly meaningful buyer personas that align your team and make your marketing work.

This isn’t just a theory – it’s something used every day by businesses making real money!

The process includes a step-by-step model to help you mentally capture the real reasons why your customers want to be your customers, and put real processes in place to brand yourself the go-to expert for their needs.

It’s backed by real psychological principles, and reformatted for you by some of the top marketing experts in the world.

There’s No Other Book Like the World’s Best Buyer Persona System…and There’s an Amazing Reason Why…

When I started using buyer personas to create better marketing programs, I realized there was a lot of amazing psychology behind why this all works.

I met with experts across the world to understand what was happening.

Humans – in other words, your customers – are motivated by how they think and feel. We took this concept and reconfigured it with some of the top marketing experts across the globe.

Next, we simplified the concepts so they could be used by any business, anytime, anywhere, and in any industry. It all came together in a step-by-step process that you can use immediately to help build a more successful business.

Today, our firm has a growing team and a successful roster of clients. And every single one of them uses their own World’s Best Buyer Persona daily to help them stay successful and make more profits too.

And it’s all possible because of The World’s Best Buyer Persona System.

Businesses and marketing conferences frequently ask me to speak to them about the importance of creating Buyer Personas and understanding their customers better. I also contribute to Forbes and HubSpot, and was recently named a Top 50 Tech Visionary by Intercon.

This isn’t bragging. This is me making sure you know that I know that these processes really do work.

Remember, when it comes to your customers, it’s not about who they are but how they think that matters.

And unless you’re taking the time to think through their thinking, you’re missing out on customers and sales.

And the crazy part? No one else is doing this!

That’s right, every business you compete with is probably not doing this incredible work either. Which means whoever does it first is going to win!


Don’t wait! Take Action!

Discover What’s in the Pages of The World’s Best Buyer Persona System

  • The step-by-step process to write a buyer persona that actually works for your business! It’s a plan that will help you and your entire team too! – Part Two
  • The biggest mistakes businesses make with their marketing. You won’t believe how many business owners don’t realize the mistake they’re making! – Part One
  • How to create authority and trust that makes customers do the marketing for you. It’s a real strategy that real businesses use today! – Part Three
  • How to map the buyer’s journey, and activate it in your own marketing plan. This is one of the most important parts of putting your buyer persona into action. – Part Three
  • The steps necessary to write compelling advertising that your audience actually wants to read. It works on Google, Facebook, and email too! – Part Four
  • The secrets to converting prospects into leads, and leads into customers, by understanding the principles of motivation. Seriously, it really is all about how your customers think. – Part Two

Imagine What Will Happen to Your Business When You Finally Use This System

If that’s not enough, the book also helps you discover…


  • Who your customer really is. Trust me, the answer to this is different than you think, and the real reason is going to surprise you! – Chapter Four
  • How to understand the buyer’s journey, and how your business can be a part of it. The path to purchase isn’t random, and once you see it you’ll be able to take advantage of it! – Chapter Three
  • What motivates your customers to want to be your customers. There’s a real reason behind their decisions, and knowing that reason will literally change your business. – Chapter Five
  • What your customers are thinking about before, during, and after doing business with you. If you want to make customers that love you for life, you need to have this information. – Chapter Six
  • How your customers think about your business….and your competitors’. Your customers hear a lot of marketing noise, and there’s a proven process to help cut through the clutter. – Chapter Seven
  • Why a customer would choose your business as a solution. Once you know this information, your entire business will shift toward achieving this goal. – Chapter Eight

The Only Impossible journey is the one you never begin – Anthony Robbins

The World’s Best Buyer Persona System Will Literally Change Your Business

You won’t believe how this can improve your marketing’s success.

There’s so much information packed into The World’s Best Buyer Persona System, and all of it can help improve your business.


  • Discover how buyer personas are used by some of the leading brands on the planet. They create an important link that’s often lacking from most business plans. – Chapter Two
  • The major missing marketing component from so many businesses across the planet. It all seems simple, but the difference is literally life-changing. – Chapter One
  • How to create a buyer persona that not only helps you, but your entire business team as well. Alignment between teams helps make your marketing even better, and this process shows you how. – Part Two
  • Why writing a buyer persona isn’t enough – how to actually create a marketing plan that makes your business money. It’s not enough to know your customer, you have to put your insights into action too! – Part Three
  • What incredible buyer personas are doing right now for businesses just like yours. Learn from real-world examples how you can improve your business today, just like they did. – Part Four

The Future Depends on What You Do Today – Mahatma Gandhi


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